VidLib - Video Stock Footage

VidLib - Video Stock Footage

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VidLib is the world's first professional video stock footage app. The video library app makes sourcing and licensing stock footage easy and convenient. Our 100.000 professional yet affordable clips are licensed with a simple in-app purchase. Once you have purchased a license you can download the clip at any time to any device or computer. This is perfect for sourcing material on the go and editing later on your computer.

:: VidLib has over 100.000 royalty free professional yet affordable stock footage clips you license with a simple and secure in app purchase using your Android device.

:: Licensing a video using VidLib can be done in few clicks from opening the app and completing the whole registration, purchase and download process. We wanted to make things as simple as possible and take the hassle out of licensing stock footage so that's what we did.

:: Secure and easy licensing

Using your app store account to securely license royalty free footage means there are no lengthy forms to fill in. Just tap to pay and download then use the clip Royalty Free forever. All the clips open in iMovie, Final Cut or Adobe Premier and are compatible with any computer or editing program.

:: Amazing contect

We have amazing hand picked royalty free stock videos and our library is growing daily. All the footage is made by professionals using professional camera equipment, models and model releases. We even have customers uploading footage from their phones so there is user generated mobile content available as well.

:: Clips for one dollar

Pricing starts from one dollar per clip. That's right, you can license a clip for a dollar for hobby web use. Full commercial licensing starts from $9.99 and goes up as you increase the resolution of the video you wish to license. With the latest release of VidLib you can now even license full 4k HD content.

:: VidLib is a great source for footage if you are a small businesses, advertising company or creative who want fantastic stock footage at a reasonable rate. If you don't need raw uncompressed files then why should you have to pay for it? With VidLib you don't because we have both H264 HD files and and Photo JPEG files for our HD files so you can choose more compressed file and pay less but still retain the full HD aspect.

:: The app has over 50 categories of footage and over 100.000 clips and growing every day.

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